#14 Tommy Davis

Today we celebrate the back to back batting champ Tommy Davis. Below we have his League Leader cards to commemorate his great accomplishment, never done since by a Los Angeles Dodger. Likely not done anytime soon either. :(


I always like to find excuses to bring in non-Dodger HOF players into my collection. Here Davis is lucky enough to be on a card with some of the greatest hitters ever. Musial, Aaron and Frank Robinson. 1962 was a pretty good season for the Dodgers with Maury Wills MVP, Drysdale's Cy Young and Davis' batting title. Davis batted a whopping .346 when the league average was .261. This card is supposed to be hard to find in good condition because it is #1 in the set and they say that kids would rubber band them in order and the top cards are usually damaged. There are 94 examples as a PSA 8, with only 3 graded higher. Floating heads on cards always make me smile.


More Hall of Famers! Clemente and Aaron on this card with Davis. Another great Dodger season in 1963, with a WS Championship and Davis being the offensive anchor again. Batted .326 on his way to the batting title when the league average was only .245! Love that picture of him at Wrigley Field, looks very imposing. This one has 109 PSA 8's with 14 graded higher.


Since Eric does not like autograph cards, this one is for him. This 2008 Topps Heritage set was made to look like the iconic 1959 Topps set which we will discuss later in the countdown. Funny they picked him for this particular set because in 1959 he had exactly one game with one PA. As far as I know, this is the only set that Davis was ever featured in with an autograph card. So naturally I had to get the rare version with the red ink, and it is the only PSA 10. Very nice autograph too.

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