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Casey Blake 2010 Community Projections Review

This is what Eric Stephen had to say about Casey Blake entering the 2010 season

This is what Casey Blake did:

.248 / .320 / .407

Under-performing  even the most pessimistic projections. We have a trend related to pitching and hitting. Our hitters sucked and none of us expected it, though some were more pessimistic then others.

Batting Average:

Phil Gurnee .260

Michael White - .265

SilverWidow - .267


On Base Percentage:

Phil Gurnee .320 - Bingo

SilverWidow - .332

David Young - .348


Slug Percentage:

Michael White - .425

Phil and SilverWidow - .445


Phil wins this round which is why we did Casey Blake instead of James Loney where he couldn't have been more wrong.