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James Loney 2010 Community Projection Review

Phil Gurnee did the overly optimistic 2010 review for Mr. Loney. Turns out that while age 26 might be a boon for many major league 1st baseman, for James Loney his age 26 year old season was simply one of the worst seasons ever for Los Angeles Dodger 1st baseman. 

The LA Dodgers have had 47 seasons that a 1st baseman has gotten at least 400 at bats, and James Loney's 2010 season ranked number 38 among those seasons. So not quite the worst, heck Eric Karros had three OPS+ seasons lousier then what James Loney did in 2010.

Jame's second half was so bad that everyone seems to have forgotten that as late as  July 17th he had an OPS of .811.  Putting up a putrid  OPS of .656 for the rest of the season will do that.

In perusing last years estimates and comments I was shocked to find so many optimistic estimates but I really enjoyed this quote from XeiFrank:

This will be Loney’s last season as the Dodgers full time first baseman.

I expect many of us will be saying the same thing headed into 2011.

Batting Average - .267

XeiFrank - .284 ;  SilverWidow .285 ; MammothDodger .295

On Base Percentage - .329

SilverWidow - .348 ; BFDC - .350; Xeifrank - .359

Slugging Percentage - .395

Michael White .410 ; Xeifrank .417 ; Silverwidow .439

Both XeiFrank and SilverWidow had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd so they tie on this one.

Prosellis had the most optimistic projection, narrowly defeating my projected OPS of .852.

Most of us had James between .770 - 840 so .723 was quite a surprise to all of us including the most negative projections.

After having done four of these Silverwidow is the one member who always seems to be in the running. Good job.