#15 Beltre


Look at this young fresh faced kid. It was a long hard chase to get this card in a PSA 10. 1997 Bowman Chrome International Refractor Edition. There are 6 of these PSA 10's. This card has the usual Chrome technology, but this card is another refractor that gives it that rainbow effect against the light. It is also the International version because it has the home country flag of the player in the background.

Beltre was the last player I would call my favorite. Even when he was not playing well, I stopped to watch every at bat like he was Barry Bonds. If I ever had the chance I would love to ask him the emotions going through his head playing in the bigs at such a young age.

BBREF lists his correct age as April 7 1979. The back of the card shows him as April 7 1978. Adrian was one of the many players to have a false birthdate with the hopes of getting to the bigs early. How impressive is it to play in the majors at age 19? Here is the list of position players. Adrian was the last guy to do it. Min 200PA.


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