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Thrills, Chills, and Spills

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You are not a baseball fan if you did not feel chills last night watching one of the greatest world series games in history. It may not have been the most aesthetically pleasing, but damn if it didn't have everything else going for it. Hero's up the wazoo, goat's aplenty, big fly's, manager mishaps, and bigger errors. Hey does anyone remember Freese dropping those two popups this morning?

As far as games six World Series go, the LA Dodgers have had a few of their own.

1959 - Johnny Podres closes out the White Sox at Comiskey Park 9 - 3, behind a six run fourth inning.

1963 - NA NA NA - Dodgers sweet sweep leaves Yankee fans wishing for a game six

1965 - A head in the series 3 - 2, the Dodgers head to Minneapolis only to run into Mudcat Grant and lose 5 -1, setting the stage for the greatest pitched game seven in the history of baseball. Or was it?

1974 - No game six for us, we get closed out in five

1977 - Down 3 - 2 the Dodgers head to Yankee Stadium and score two runs in the first on a two run triple by Garvey. Yankee's tie in the bottom of the second on a two run home run by Chambliss. Reggie Smith puts the Dodgers back a head with a solo home run in the top of the 3rd. Reggie Jackson counters with a two run home run, along with another run putting the Dodgers in the hole 5 - 3 in fourth. In the fifth the Yankee's deliver the death blow with two more runs on another two run home run by Reggie Jackson. Things stay that way until Reggie Jackson greets Charlie Hough with a bomb to center fielder for his third straight home run putting the cap on the Yankee route in game six.

1978 - Dodgers win the first two games but lose the next three finding them again down to the Yankee's 3 - 2 headed into the crucial sixth game. This time the game is at Dodger Stadium and Davey Lopes gets the Dodgers off on the right foot with his third home run of the series. Sutton however gives up three in the top of the second and that is that as the Yankee's win their second sixth game in a row 7 - 2.

1981 - It is the Dodgers / Yankee's again and it looks like the same old story. Yankee's win the first two games at home and the Dodgers come dragging home. They take game three, then win a historic game four, and finish the series at Dodgers Stadium with Jerry Ruess outdueling Ron Guidry 2 - 1behind back to back home runs by Pedro Guerrero and Steve Yeager. So the stage is set for our game six back in NY with the Dodgers a head in the series 3 - 2. This time the Dodgers get laugher as Tommy John is pulled early, going only four and leaving the game tied at 1 - 1. Three pitchers and two innings later it was 8 - 1as the Dodgers crushed the Yankee bullpen winning their first World Championship since 1965.

Now we head to game seven and in game seven's the Dodgers own that history.

The Dodgers have had the luck to have two of the greatest pitched game sevens in history.

No one can question that Johnny Podres had the greatest Brooklyn Game seven when he shut out the Yankee's 2 - 0 in Yankee Stadium to give the Brooklyn Dodgers their first and only World Championship game.

No one can question that Sandy Koufax had the greatest Los Angeles Dodger game seven when he shut out the Minnesota Twins 2 - 0 in Minnesota on two days rest.

The question I have is, which game do you consider the greatest in Dodger history. Podres beat a Yankee team that had won five of the previous six years, including Brooklyn three times.

Koufax pitched a shutout on Oct 11th, then was asked to pitch again on Oct 14, and threw another shutout, against a prodigious Twin lineup.