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$120,000,000 Payroll Thread

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Several TBLA members have already created fanposts for their $120,000,000 team.

Andrew Grant got things rolling

Gary Scott put one together

Jason G 86 made it three

Chris Aitken made it four

Here is mine:


Position/Level 2012 Player
C  $       435,000.00  AJ Ellis 
 C   $    1,250,000.00 Ramon Castro
 AAA  Tim Federowicz 
 1B   $    6,500,000.00 Jim Loney
 2B   $       600,000.00  Brent Lillibridge 
 3B   $       435,000.00  Matt Dominquez 
 SS   $       435,000.00  Dee Gordon 
 LF   $    4,000,000.00  Juan Rivera 
 RF   $  12,000,000.00  Andre Etheir
 CF   $  15,000,000.00  Matt Kemp 
 CF   $    1,250,000.00  Tony Gwynn J 
 OF   $       435,000.00  Jerrry Sands 
 1st/3rd/OF   $       435,000.00  Russell Mitchell 
 MI   $       435,000.00  Sellers 
 2nd/3rd   $       460,000.00 Blake DeWitt
 AAA/2nd   Castlennos 
 SP   $    8,000,000.00  Clayton Kershaw 
 SP   $    9,000,000.00  Chad Billingsley 
 SP   $  13,000,000.00 Ted Lilly 
 SP   $  11,000,000.00  Hiroki Kuroda 
 SP   $    6,500,000.00  Scott Feldman 
 RP   $       435,000.00  Javy Guerra 
 RP   $       435,000.00 Kenley Jansen 
 RP   $    1,500,000.00 Kuo
 RP   $       420,000.00 Josh Lindblom 
 RP   $       435,000.00  Tolleson 
 RP   $       420,000.00 Scott Elbert 
 AAA   $       416,000.00 Dana Eveland 
 DL   $       416,000.00 Rubby De La Rosa 
 AAA   Webster, Allen 
 AAA   Eovaldi, Nathan 
 AAA/1st/LF  Van Slyke
 AAA/RF  Russell
 AAA/LF/1st   Galvez 
 Dead Money 
Manny Ramirez   $    8,087,432.00
Juan Pierre   $    3,000,000.00
Andruw Jones   $    3,375,000.00
Kuroda  $    2,000,000.00
Casey Blake   $    1,250,000.00
Jon Garland   $    1,500,000.00
Rafael Furcal   $    2,000,000.00
Juan Uribe  $    4,000,000.00


One more shot before we say goodbye or halleluiah with our familair friends. Just a tweak here and there.

Juan Uribe, Pedro Baez, Jake Lemmerman and 4 Million for  Matt Dominquez making Ozzie and Hanley happy.

Blake Hawksworth is traded for Blake DeWitt

Gurrier is traded to Texas for Scott Feldman

Silverio, John Ely, Ivan DeJesus traded for Brent Lillibridge

Ramon Castro is signed to help out AJ while FedEx percolates.

Catcher - AJ and Ramon Castro start the season with AJ the regular and Castro helping out 1 - 2 games a week.

1st Base - going one more time with Jim. I'm going to ignore three and a half years and go with hope and heart. I have to admit Jim hitting in Aug/Sept like a demon  was just as sweet as watching Kemp go MVP. Jerry Sands should get some at bats here.

2nd Base - Brent Lillibridge - shocking how bad 2nd baseman are, he showed some pop, blocked by Beckham, has DeWitt/Sellers backing him up.

SS - Dee Gordon - show us the goods

3rd - Matt Dominquez, he's a fielding whiz so he can do exactly what Uribe is good at better. He won't hit much, but neither would Uribe. Very nice left side of the diamond defensively.

2nd/3rd - Blake DeWitt being left handed helps here. He's been consistently average which is better then most these days.

RF - Can't quit on Andre now, hoping the knee was the problem, no sense on trading him low. If he hits this team competes, if he does not they can flip him. Either way, this is his last season as a Dodger. Jerry Sands should get some at bats here.

CF - MVP Matt Kemp roams

LF - Gwynn / Rivera / Sands


Rotation is same as last year with Feldman replacing the likes of Garland / Padilla. He's got one year left on his deal for 6.5 and a buyout in 2013 for only $500,000. With Rubby being out we need someone here besides Eovaldi and Eveland as they are our depth for when one of the five get hurt.  If the rotation stays healthy then Rubby and Eovaldi can help in the bullpen later in the year or if Feldman is not doing the job, Rubby could replace him.

Bullpen looks light on experience but big on talent.

This team needs Loney and Andre to hit but if they do then I think they can compete. I don't expect Matt Dominquez to do much with the bat,  .250/.290/.410 but that is also what I'd expect from a solid Uribe year with some of the best defense we are going to see at 3rd base in the league. Blake DeWitt is here as insurance.

I'd rather have given LF to Sands but Ned tied my hands so we all lost $4 Million trying to build a better mousetrap. I don't think we make much of a splash in free agency so I simply excluded it other then bit parts. Lots of raises had to be given to Kemp, Kershaw, Andre, Loney and Lilly added quite a few million this year.