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2012 TBLA #3 Dodger Prospect Discussion

Allen Webster throwing for the Loons back in 2010
Allen Webster throwing for the Loons back in 2010

Allen Webster captured the #2 prospect spot with a 28 - 20 win over Nate Eovaldi, also beating out Garrett Gould (9 votes) and Chris Reed (4 votes).  I didn't feel the vote was close enough to for a runoff, and I also don't think I can automatically name Eovaldi as the #3 prospect since Gould got a decent amount of support.  So today, we will continue the prospect discussion here, and conduct the voting for prospect #3 in this Fanpost

I'm adding James Baldwin to the list of eligible prospects this time around, and feel free to suggestion who I should include next time.  Also, since we won't be starting new votes on weekends, this vote will run all the way through Sunday evening.

Here are the candidates for the Dodgers #3 prospect:

Chris Reed - LHP (21.5 years old) - This year's 1st round pick only threw 7 innings in his professional debut, but as the Stanford closer Reed had a 2.56 ERA in 2011 and struck out a batter per inning.  The Dodgers plan to use him as a starter, and he figures to move quickly through the system.  The lefty can touch 96 mph and has 3 quality pitches (fastball, power slider, and an above-average changeup)

Garrett Gould - RHP (20.25 years old) - Gould had a breakthrough season in 2011 as he ranked 2nd in the Midwest League with his 2.40 ERA.  His FIP was also solid at 3.31, and he had a 7.6 K/9.  The big righty possesses a low 90's fastball with good sink and an average changeup, but he's best known for his big 12-to-6 curveball that ranked as one of the best of the 2009 draft.

Nate Eovaldi - RHP (21.75 years old) - We got a good look at Eovaldi in a Dodgers uniform this past season, and he performed well in his big league debut with a 3.63 ERA in 34.2 innings.  Back in AA, Nate posted a 2.62 ERA, a 3.05 FIP, and a 8.65 K/9.  In terms of his stuff, we all saw that Eovaldi's best pitch is his upper 90's fastball, and he also throws a slider and a changeup.

Joc Pederson - OF (19.5 years old) - Pederson's name was scattered all over the Pioneer League Leaderboard after a big offensive season that saw him hit .353 with 11 homers, 24 SB's, and a .997 OPS.  As I mentioned last year he has 5-tool potential, although none of his 5 tools seem to have a particularly high ceiling.  Scouts don't think he'll be able to handle center field in the big leagues, but believe he can play either corner outfield spot.

Chris Withrow - RHP (22.5 years old) - Withrow had a quiet, yet solid campaign in 2011 as he posted a 4.20 ERA in AA to go along with a 3.86 FIP and a 9.1 K/9.  He continues to struggle with control, but is armed with a hard fastball, a very good curveball, and a changeup that Baseball America calls fringy.  He's still in the rotation for now, although there have been talks that he could move to the bullpen if he can't improve his walk rate.

James Baldwin - OF (20 years old) - Baldwin started the 2011 season on fire, and while he cooled down as the year progressed he still finished with 10 homers, 22 stolen bases, and a .828 OPS.  Many people call him the most exciting prospect since Matt Kemp, although Baldwin struggles with strikeouts much more than Kemp did.  He should have no trouble handling center field as he moves up through the minors.

Again, please use this post as the discussion thread, and cast your actual vote in this Fanpost