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MLB Minimum Salary To Increase To $480,000 With New CBA

Major League Baseball is expected to announce its new collective bargaining agreement early in the week. The five-year agreement will have several new provisions, such as blood testing for HGH, a luxury tax on draft and international signings, and more Super Twos, per Ronald Blum of the Associated Press. In addition, the minimum salary in MLB will rise to $480,000 in 2012.

The new minimum salary is a 16% increase over 2011, similar to the increase from $327,500 in 2006 to $380,000 in 2007 in the first year of the last CBA.

MLB Minimum Salary
Year MLB Minimum
2003 $300,000
2004 $300,000
2005 $316,000
2006 $327,500
2007 $380,000
2008 $390,000
2009 $400,000
2010 $400,000
2011 $414,000
2012 $480,000
Source: MLB CBA 2003 & 2006, AP,

The minimum salary will rise to $500,000 later in the deal. The payroll worksheet has been updated with this new minimum salary information, as has the right sidebar.