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Cracked Rose Colored Glasses

Get used to seeing this for the next five years  (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)
Get used to seeing this for the next five years (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So this  is what you are all voting on these days in the prospect voting:

A 19.5 year old boy named Joc who destroyed Rookie League pitching, but against real pitchers had a line of  .160 / .288 / .160 in 60 plate appearances before being demoted so he could smack around the pitching in Ogden while his five month older  teammate, was forced to face off against A ball pitchers.  Even though Joc was tearing it up in Ogden the Dodger brass didn't feel he was ready to take on real pitchers again.  He might be everything you all hope he is but until he actually shows he can at least hit A ball pitching, I'm from Missouri. 

Another young center fielder who has all five tools when everything clicks. When it does not click he strikes out 74 times in only 227 plate appearances. In a ROOKIE LEAGUE. Also managed to miss a few weeks of the season for undisclosed reasons.  Do players improve their K rates as they face better pitching? I don't think so. For all his scintillating tools, he's already toast. 

A AA center fielder who seems destined for a corner outfield position. Tore up AA with 74 XBA propelling him to a .304 batting average, yet somehow still managed to keep his OBP below .340.  At 24 years old he's not going to learn how to take a walk. Can he hit his way into an everyday starting major league job? Color me skeptical.

23 year old Angelo Songco did everything right in 2011 A Ball except impress the scouts. 

Jonathan Garcia is getting less support then a joc strap even though he's just four months older than the man who played a level below him, and unlike Joc, hit A ball pitching enough to NOT be demoted.  Has a good arm and should be able to handle a corner. What do you all think Garcia would have done if he had been allowed to feast on Odgen pitching this year? 

Tolleson is the feel good story of the 2011 minor leagues, tearing through three levels while dominating the competition, as expected the domination dropped a tad with each promotion but still impressive work. Still I think some have their heads in a blue cloud based on what DeJon Watson said about his fastball hitting 97. The skeptic in me feels that by the time we see Tolleson he'll be hitting 92 / 93 on a real major league gun. I'm just not a believer in fairy tales.

I'd like to believe in Angel Sanchez, maybe he was lucky as his FIP and SIERA suggest, but his OPS against was lower then either Gould or Lee. Still that K/Rate was less then impressive and he wasn't Maddox with the control. I'm a sucker for late bloomers with stories like his, until I remember how many times I've been suckered before. 

Other then being 25 years old in AA Alex Castellano is brilliant

A catcher who has never hit until 2011 then hit at two levels in 2011 but was so unimpressive in the AFL that a recent scouting report of the AFL catchers noted TEN other catchers but nary a mention of Griff because he impressed NO ONE. 

Other then being 25 years old in AA Scot Van Slyke is brilliant

So excuse me for thinking that someone the Dodger General Manager feels is the Dodger starting catcher of the future just might be a better prospect then these guys.  I'm like them all to succeed, opinion is, if anyone is looking for a starting major league player we simply have a sorry ass group of position prospects. We have plenty of guys who might make the majors and shore up a bench. We have some real promise at the rookie level but they could turn into a Landry in no time at all. What we do have is a AAA catcher already knocking on the door. I don't usually bet on Ned, but in this case, I'm betting on Ned.