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Dodgers ink an Aussie Wild man and a Wil

The Dodgers have reportedly signed Aussie Shane Lindsay. Here are his minor league central stats. Does the fact he only gave up 28 hits in 68 innings jump out at you? Here is the scouting report from


9/3/2011 - Shane Lindsay (RHP, CHW)
The 26-year-old Australian signed with the White Sox in January '11, his fourth organization. Lindsay was originally in the Rockies system where he earned the reputation as an injury-prone fireballer. That has stuck with him, even in the Indians and Yankees organizations. He is an aggressive reliever with an electric fastball and a violent delivery. His heater sits in the mid-to-upper 90s and he isn't bashful about challenging hitters inside. Lindsay has a sharp curveball that elicits swings and misses as well. One look at his oppBA (.132) and it is safe to say that hitters have found him tough to hit. Take a look at his Ctl (7.2) and it is easy to see why he hasn't been in the Majors until now. His delivery is so erratic that he rarely repeats it. He throws with lots of effort and has little touch or feel for changing speeds. Lindsay missed the entire '07 season after shoulder surgery and he's missed time with other injuries as well. He has a career 3.37 ERA, 6.8 Ctl, and 12.2 Dom.
STATS: Charlotte (AAA) - 45 g, 2-2 1.98 ERA, 63.2 IP, 1.5 Cmd, 7.2 Ctl, 11.0 Dom, 2 HR, .132 oppBA
Birmingham (AA) - 5 g, 1-1 4.05 ERA, 6.2 IP, 4 hits, 8 BB, 12 K
CURRENT ROLE: Middle reliever
POTENTIAL: Setup reliever / Closer

and Wil Ledezma who has been bouncing around between the majors and minors since Joc Pederson was in diapers. Ledezma throws hard but his control has always been his undoing. At one time he was a promising starter for the Detroit Tigers but that was back in 2003 - 2005. OKay, promising is probably stretching it. He's now a LOOGY ( Lefty One-Out GuY) when he gets major league time (30 IP in the last three years). Based on ERA Ledezma appears to still be garbage but if you take a look at the other indicators he is not the worst LOOGY in the league, it just appears that way.

What is with Padre pitchers who are one T short of real first name?