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Minority Owner Larry King at your service

Larry King is supposedly helping the Dennis Gilbert bid.

Though King apparently wouldn't be the figurehead of Dennis Gilbert's consortium of rich folks‚ the talker's star presence would be expected to bring some fan cred to the bid. And unlike other names that have been bandied about — Joe Torre, Magic Johnson, Donald Trump, Mark Cuban — it appears that King is already willing to commit to the effort.

Long time season ticket holder, he's been a Dodger fan since the Brooklyn Days. That is all

Baseball America top 10 list for the Dodgers was leaked today.

1. Zach Lee

2. Webster

3. Eovaldi

4. Silverio

5. Reed

6. Gould

7. Withrow

8. Lindblom

9. Pederson

10. FedEx

Also have a hot fight going for the TBLA Prospect Number 11 between Garcia and Sanchez. Weigh in if you have clue, if you don't then don't.