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Hiroshima Carp Try To Reel In Hiroki Kuroda

One of the most interesting Dodgers subplots for this hot stove season is the 2012 location of Hiroki Kuroda. Will he come back to Los Angeles or decide to return to Japan? In the first formal step of this dance, the Hiroshima Carp have made an offer to Kuroda, per Nikkan Sports and translated by NPB Tracker:

Kuroda commented: "I’m happy that they would evaluate my contributions like that. Naturally, I’m happy. A feeling that they really want to win came across. (Hiroshima’s competitiveness this season) has come to a frustrating place, to a place where they are one step away… I’m very happy I got an offer from the Carp."

Kuroda was with Hiroshima for 11 years before signing as a free agent with the Dodgers in December 2007. Kuroda signed a one-year deal last season for $12 million, and earned an additional $500,000 in performance bonuses as he pitched a career-high 202 innings. He turns 37 in February.