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Dodgers Officially Bring In One Kennedy, Close To Adding Another

Josh Suchon, seen here at left talking to Vicente Padilla in 2009, won't be back on DodgerTalk in 2012. (<em>Photo: Jon SooHoo / Dodgers</em>)
Josh Suchon, seen here at left talking to Vicente Padilla in 2009, won't be back on DodgerTalk in 2012. (Photo: Jon SooHoo / Dodgers)

The big news on Thursday regarding the Dodgers involved a pair of Kennedys. The club finalized their deal with Adam Kennedy to be their primary backup infielder, mostly at second and third base, for one year and $800,000. Tony Jackson of ESPN Los Angeles reported the details of Kennedy's $150,000 in incentives:

  • $25,000 for 325 plate appearances
  • $25,000 for 350 plate appearances
  • $25,000 for 375 plate appearances
  • $25,000 for 400 plate appearances
  • $25,000 for 425 plate appearances
  • $25,000 for 450 plate appearances

But the other news involved Kevin Kennedy, who will reportedly be hired soon as the host for DodgerTalk on new Dodgers radio home 570 KLAC, per Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News. That news isn't official yet, but what is known is that Josh Suchon and Joe Block will not return to DodgerTalk.

That is a shame.

Suchon was co-host of DodgerTalk for the last four years, including the first three with Ken Levine. Whether it was with Levine or Block, Suchon had a great rapport with his co-host, and had a good sense of humor. No matter the content of the callers, Suchon and Block put on a good show of which I looked forward to listening.

I'm sure both Suchon and Block will land on their feet somewhere. Both are talented with broadcast experience, and would be a great hire in many places. Just last week, Suchon called the USC vs. UNLV college basketball game for ESPN3.

It's not that Kennedy will necessarily be a bad host. He has had several years of broadcast experience as a studio analyst and game analyst, including occasionally being a part of the Dodgers pregame show on Prime Ticket in recent years. Kennedy managed for eight seasons in the Dodgers minor league system from 1984-1991, and managed four years in the big leagues, two years each in Boston and Texas. But you probably already knew that.

Kennedy is known for bringing up his managing past during his broadcasting stints, seemingly as often as Rick Monday doesn't give the score of the game. But he will probably do well as host of DodgerTalk. Kennedy just has high standards to meet, set by Suchon and Block.