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Monday Dodger Blog Roll around the World

Non-Tender Monday " Mike Scioscia's tragic illness - MSTI reviews the non - tender candidates

On Ryan Braun and Public Opinion " Mike Scioscia's tragic illness

MSTI checks in on Ryan Braun

The Left Field Pavilion Blog
Softball Update - Check this out if you signed up to play in the softball tournament. Time to pay the piper if you said you were going to play.

Matsui on Dodger radar - Los Angeles Dodger Thoughts Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Earlier this week, Tony Jackson of reported that the Dodgers are considering the addition of a free-agent left-handed pinch-hitter.

And maybe just maybe Chris Paul is going to be a Clipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul, Gordon, Butler, Griffin, Jordan - that will play, today and tomorrow.