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James Loney 2011 Community Projection Review

This was Brandon's preview

2008 24 651 13 66 90 .289 .338 .434 .333
2009 25 651 13 73 90 .281 .357 .399 .332
2010 26 648 10 67 88 .267 .329 .395 .315
2011 27 582 12 56 65 .288 .339 .416 .329
2011 Projections - Age 27 Season

Bill James
626 12 68 85 .280 .346 .417 .337
589 11 63 78 .275 .340 .406 .326
626 12 68 93 .279 .338 .416

All the experts nailed the projection. Looks like Marcel was the best of the excellent projection. We all know that 2011 was a tail of two seasons for James, fascinating that at the end of the day, his awful four months, combined with his brilliant two months resulted in your basic James Loney season.

I expect many community members to have nailed this projection. Brandon was a tad too optimistic, let's find out how the members did.

SilverWidow bounces back with an excellent prognostication (..282/.343/.412 /13 HR/90 RBI). Heck other then Runs Batted In he nails it.

Michael White does a solid job .275 / .340 / .410

Kinbote is right there .272/.341/.411 14 HR 83 RBI

Humma with the pedestrian line .280/.340/.410 / 12HR / 34 2B

Gary might have been the most optimistic, I'm guessing Taylor was busy that day. .270/.340/.440 & 23HR

Guy Clinch .290/.340/.430

Oops spoke to soon, Hollywood Joe speaks up from camp optimistic 290/.350/.500/ 28 home runs. Clear winner of the you be wrong category.

Josie with a solid prognostication .266/.330/.420 & 10 HRs

Hmmm, maybe Nolij should win something .......

After going .175/.195/.280 for about three weeks, Mattingly straps him in a chair and makes him watch replays of his series in Colorado a few years ago, Clockwork Orange style, for a week straight. Gimenez fills in and goes .000/.043/.000. Loney comes back rejuvenated, albeit less goofy, and crushes at a .310/.360/.525 clip for the rest of the reason with 24 jacks.

by Nolij on Mar 22, 2011 10:36 AM PDT actions

This however is my favorite, but it is not from the Brandon review but from Phil's prediction in the full season David Young Preview

From Aug 9th until the end of the year Loney hits .329/.393/.521 leading the Dodger to the pennant.

I'm cherry picking to make the quote look awesome so I can get back on Phil's good side. As we know from Aug 9th on Jim Loney hit .379 / .444 / .641 but failed to lead the team to the pennant. Even the most optimistic of optimistic touts could not foresee a plus .600 slug % for two months.

It is mind boggling to me that a hitter can have that line for two months and still end up with such an overall pedestrian line. It is a sad testament to just how bad James Loney was until August 10th. I think this community can agree that if James Loney shows up again we are screwed no matter how good Kemp/Kershaw/Andre do, but if Jim Loney shows up, Captain Optimism just might be able to rear his little head this summer.