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Final 2012 TBLA Prospect Voting Results

A breakout year in 2011 helped Griff Erickson make the TBLA top 20 prospect list
A breakout year in 2011 helped Griff Erickson make the TBLA top 20 prospect list

The final votes have been tallied up, and the final 6 prospects on the 2012 TBLA prospect list are:

15. Angelo Songco

16. Jake Lemmerman

17. Alex Castellanos

18. Blake Smith

19. Griff Erickson

20. Ethan Martin

The rest of the top 20 can be found on the left sidebar. For those of you who were wondering about the next five, based on the votes they would have been Aaron Miiller, Alex Santana, Steve Ames, Ralston Cash, and O'Koyea Dickson

Overall, the TBLA top 20 prospects consists of 8 RHP's, 1 LHP, 7 outfielders, 2 catchers, 1 first baseman, and 1 shortstop. 16 of the players were drafted, 2 were obtained via trades, and 2 were signed as international free agents. To breakdown the drafted players even further, here are the number of players drafted each year:

2011 = 1 player; 2010 = 5; 2009 = 4; 2008 = 3;. 2007 = 1; 2006 = 1; and 2005 = 1

So every draft year dating back to 2005 was represented by at least one player. Also, the youngest player on the list is Joc Pederson, who is currently 19.6 years old, and the oldest player is Scott Van Slyke (25.4 years old), who edged out Alex Castellanos by 11 days.

Finally, click here to compare this post to last year's breakdown. While last year's post doesn't have the full list, I'll include that in the comments so you can compare to it as well. From last year's TBLA prospect list, 5 players graduated to the big leagues, 1 was traded, 5 fell out of the TBLA top 20, and 9 were included again in the 2012 list.