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James Loney Arrested Last Month In Los Angeles

James Loney had such a remarkable turnaround in second half of 2011 that he all but assured not having to worry about possibly getting non-tendered on this coming Monday. However, events from three weeks ago may have cast some new doubt into his status with the club.

Loney was arrested in Los Angeles on November 14 after being involved in a car accident that saw him hit three other cars. The incident was first reported by the cesspool of garbage that is TMZ:

According to the report, when cops first arrived to the scene ... Loney told one of the officers, "The bitch hit me from behind."

Cops say Loney appeared to be "restless, unsteady, aggressive and irritable" ... and he "exhibited eyelid tremors and his shirt was soiled and moist from perspiration, from his armpits down to his waistline."

Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times spoke with California Highway Patrol spokesman Leland Tang:

According to Tang, Loney was driving his 2009 Maserati westbound on the 101 when he sideswiped three vehicles for unknown reasons. Immediately afterwards, his sports car came to an abrupt stop in the fast lane, Tang said.

"The three parties involved in the collision including the driver of a 2008 Mini Cooper, a Toyota Prius and Mercedes Benz attempted to contact Mr. Loney but according to their statements he appeared to be unconscious," Tang said. "He eventually awoke and he saw all the people standing around him. He then attempted to flee the scene."

But that wasn't all for Loney on that night, as he was eventually hospitalized. TMZ has more details:

Loney was handcuffed and transported to a nearby hospital -- where an officer attempted to give him a breathalyzer test.

But according to the report, Loney was "uncooperative" -- biting off the mouthpiece and spitting it back at the cop.

Cops say Loney began to get aggressive with police ... so they placed him in arm and leg restraints ... and a member of hospital staff gave him "an injection" to calm him down.

It is unknown how or even if this will affect Loney's status with the Dodgers. After all, general manager Ned Colletti signed shortstop Rafael Furcal to two separate three-year contracts despite Furcal having two DUI arrests while with Atlanta. In fact, Colletti told Hernandez on Thursday that he had already spoken with Loney about the report and that Loney's tender status isn't affected "unless something turns up."

Tang told Hernandez that the results of a blood test on Loney were not yet available. We'll likely find out by Monday night whether or not something turned up.