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Vin Scully To Be Involved In Opening Day Radio Broadcast

When the Dodgers last month moved Opening Day from April 1 to March 31 to accommodate ESPN, the main concern was that, with ESPN owning exclusive broadcast rights, Vin Scully might not broadcast the game. However, the Dodgers put those fears to rest today. Per team vice president of communications, Josh Rawitch, at Inside the Dodgers:

Vin is on board to play a role in the KABC radio broadcast on March 31 and will be in the house. Exact details of what innings he'll call and any other role he might play in the ceremonies have yet to be determined, but rest assured, he has every intention of being here. And we're planning a memorable ceremony that we truly hope our fans will enjoy.

For what it's worth, when we mentioned the idea to Rick Monday and Charley Steiner, both were fully on board. As Rick put it, "It wouldn't be Opening Day without Vin Scully."

So, at least on some level, Scully will be involved in opening day, hopefully both as part of the opening ceremonies on the field and in the booth calling the game against the Giants on radio. He has not missed an home opener since the club moved to Los Angeles in 1958.