Another Prospect List - Phil Gurnee takes his hacks

Rank Hitters Rank Pitchers
1 Jerry Sands 1 Rubby DeLaRosa
2 Trayvon Robinson 2 Allen Webster
3 Dee Gordon 3 Zach Lee
4 Jonathan Garcia 4 Kenley Jansen
5 Brian Cavazos-Galvez 5 Scott Elbert
6 Kyle Russell 6 Aaron Miller
7 Jake Lemmerman 7 Chris Withrow
8 Leon Landry 8 Ethan Martin
9 James Baldwin 9 Nathan Eovaldi
10 Pedro Baez 10 Josh Lindblom
11 Ivan DeJesus 11 Garrett Gould
12 Joc Pederson 12 Mathew MaGill
13 Russell Michell 13 Ralston Cash
14 Tony Delmonico 14 Javier Solano
15 Blake Smith 15 Jon Link

I'm sure Zach Lee is everything we hope him to be, but I still want to see him pitch before making him the top prospect. I like to break up the hitters and pitchers since the jobs are so different. Maybe the first time so many Rookie League hitters made it into my top ten hitters list, but that is as much a failure of our pre 2010 draft hitters to impress me as it is them. I honestly think we will be lucky to get two full time position players out of this group unless that 2010 class steps up. Still like our pitching, I can see careers for all of them in some way.

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