#12 - Ron Cey

Topps was a little confused in 1972. According to BB-REF Cey never even played an inning in the OF in the minors, but here he is on the card. Ogilvie was a pretty nice player, The Original Bernie Williams not so much. 34 cards graded 9, 6 Graded as a 10. There is so much Holman Stadium in these early 70's Dodger cards.


Topps must have realized they made a mistake, and fixed it in 1973. Here he made it on the Rookie 3B card, with the greatest 3B of all-time. Also, nice glasses John Hilton(-100OPS+ in 1975!!!).


Schmidt already looked like he was 35 years old, but this card is one of the most sought after cards of the generation. There are 930 of these PSA 8's, with 158 graded higher. This is good enough for me.

I always wanted this card, but got suckered into it. My local card shop in Lomita never ever has any cards I am looking for in the condition I want. I was in there to buy a Beckett, and he asked if there was any card I was looking for at that time. Thinking he would never have it, I said Cey/Schmidt in a PSA 8. Unfortunately for me he said hold on, went in the back and brought one out. Called my bluff, and I had to buy one from the local guy at his price and pay tax! Oh well, if I had to overpay, at least it was for this one.


I can also throw out an autograph specifically for you old-timers who remember the classic battles of 77,78 and 81. Ron has a nice autograph, and he better with only 6 letters. There are a lot of Cey auto cards out there, so I went for something different here with a dual auto of another great 3B. Drawback - both autos are on stickers, but it is OK with me.

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