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True Blue LA Opening Day 25 Man Roster Contest

Update: Roster contest ends tomorrow at 07:00 AM

With the news that Padilla will have surgery and miss the start of the year, the opening day roster loses one of it's locks.

Using Eric's Spring Training Roster Primer, pick your opening day Roster.

For each player you get right from the locks you get one point.

For each player you get right from the bubbles you get five points

For each player you get right from the long shot list you get 10 points

For each player you get not even mentioned you get 25 points (new left fielder  perhaps)

LOCKS 21 Players (1 Point each)

Infield - Loney, Uribe, Furcal, Blake, Carroll

Catcher - Barajas, Navarro

Outfield - Ethier, Kemp, Thames, Gibbons, Gwynn

Rotation - Kershaw, Billingsley, Kuroda, Lilly, Garland

Bullpen - Broxton, Kuo, Guerrier, Hawksworth

Bubbles ( 5 points each)

Infield: Velez, Mitchell, Castro, Miles

Catchers: Ellis, Gimenez

Outfield: Velez, Paul, Kaplar, Hoffman, Oeltjen

Pitchers: Belisario, Jansen, Elbert, Cormier, MacDonald, Link, Mahay,  Monesterios, Troncoso, Schlichting

Long Shot: (10 Points each)

Infield: DeJesus, Sellers, Gordon, Lindsey

Outfield:Robinson, Sands

Catchers:Closser, Espino

Pitchers:Ely, Redding, Villarreal, Vazquez,  Huber, Guerra, Colon, Rubby, Wilkin De La Rosa, Eveland,Jeff Weaver(may not be on the original list but I don't want anyone getting 25 points for using him)

I suggest cut and pasting.


The winner of this contest will be announced on opening day. The choice of prize will be:

1. Two Free Tickets to First TBLA Game Night

2. Two Beers on TBLA Game Night

3. 2011 Dodger Media Guide

4. 2011 Dodger Yearbook


along with praise and glory .