#11 - The Bulldog


Topps Retired was around from 2003-2005. It was an odd mix of autographs in these sets. You could end up with a Hank Aaron or Willie Mays autograph when you opened these packs. If you had no luck, you could end up with a Jimmy Key or Atlee Hammaker card. I have been interested primarily in the 03 and 04 editions, not the 05 because it was an ugly card. Orel Has not signed many cards, and I would have no collection if I could not have an autograph of this legend. He signed for Donruss for a couple years, but those were sticker autographs. The Topps Archives cards in 2001 are really cool, but never found one in good shape. The autograph cards in this set come in a plastic, sealed case so they are supposed to be "uncirculated" and are likely to be in great shape. Love the big clean autograph and the picture of a baby faced Orel with the 84 Olympic Patch on the sleeve.

Topps also had a pic of Lopes with a commemorative sleeve patch for the 1980 ASG as well in this pic below. It is a pretty cool theme if that is what they were going for.


So I will be starting the Top 10 next. Just for a preview, 9 of the 10 are old, so we will really get into that part of the collection and it will be fun.

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