#10 - The Big Three


1963 Topps. These are 3 of the greatest pitchers the Dodgers will ever have, all on one beautiful card. I do not really have much else to say about this, except that it is great. I have always wondered what stadium the shot was taken at. I want to say Wrigley, but not sure if there is/was a building like that outside.


I really like these Topps Retired cards, and I am happy to say that this is a very rare refractor version. Numbered to only 25. There are a lot of Podres autographs out there, so I had to get a rare one. Interesting that there are so many cards out there where Podres had a big smile on his face.


I am not the biggest Donruss fan, but I have always liked this set. You can also get a Duke Snider or a Don Sutton from this edition. There is a more rare version with Sandy wearing an LA hat. I had that one for a time a few years ago, but sold it in the chase of a more expensive Upper Deck Sandy autograph I wanted to get graded a 10. I did not get that card as a 10, sold it and came back around with this one instead. The card is numbered to 2000.


These cards are a little bit controversial. For a while now, the card companies have been putting out cut autographs of deceased players. They take autographs from old 3x5 cards, canceled checks, pictures, whatever they can authenticate and put it in the card. This big beautiful autograph is on a regular piece of paper inside the card and it appears to be a receipt of some kind with a small copy of Don's 1968 Topps card on it.

I do hate when I see a photo or a canceled check cut up and put in one of these cards, but I am not upset when I see other items in the cards. I mean, would you rather have an index card with Babe Ruth's autograph on it, or have it incorporated into a card like this?

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