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Gibbons Gets New Contacts; Contact Next?

After their one day off of the spring, the Dodgers are back in action today against the Diamondbacks at Camelback Ranch. Jay Gibbons had his eyes checked in San Francisco, got new contacts, and is back in action today. "It was night and day from the time I put them in," he told Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times. Gibbons last played on Sunday in Las Vegas against the Cubs, and has two hits in 22 at-bats this spring.

The first thing Gibbons will see today with his undeterred vision is a green uniform and cap, which the Dodgers are wearing today, on St. Patrick's Day. Let it be noted that David Young and I are both wearing green shirts today in the press box.


D-Backs   Dodgers
2B Bloomquist   
SS Furcal
LF Parra
2B Miles
RF Upton
RF Ethier            
1B Branyan
CF Kemp
CF Young
C Montero
3B Uribe
3B Roberts
LF Gibbons
SS Abreu
C Barajas
P Heilman
P Billingsley

Chad Billingsley makes his fourth start of the spring today, and is slated to throw about 80 pitches or so. Also scheduled to pitch for the Dodgers are Jonathan Broxton, Matt Guerrier, and Mike MacDougal.

Aaron Heilman gets the start for Arizona.


Game Time: 1:05 p.m. PST

TV: Prime Ticket

MLB Gameday