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Dodgers Minor League Spring Training Game Schedule

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If you want to see Justin Sellers play this spring, your best bet is the minor league schedule below.
If you want to see Justin Sellers play this spring, your best bet is the minor league schedule below.

The Dodgers opened their minor league schedule today, battling the Rangers. The cool thing about the minor league games is that: (a) fans visiting spring training can get very close to the field (comparable to little league in that regard); and (b) there are always two games at Camelback Ranch, on adjacent fields (well, 15 of the next 16 days, at least; there are no games on March 27).

Each day, the Dodgers' minor leaguers play one organization. The two Class A squads stick together, as do the Double A and Triple A teams; when one group is home, the other is away. Here is the full schedule of Dodgers minor league games this spring:

Date Opponent AA/AAA Class A
Mar 18 Texas road home
Mar 19 White Sox home road
Mar 20 Cincinnati home road
Mar 21
Cleveland road home
Mar 22
Milwaukee     home road
Mar 23
Cincinnati road home
Mar 24
Cincinnati home road
Mar 25
White Sox road home
Mar 26
White Sox home road
Mar 27
Camp day; no games
Mar 28   
Cincinnati road home
Mar 29
Seattle home road
Mar 30
Cleveland road* home
Mar 31
Seattle home road
Apr 1 Cincinnati road home
Apr 2 Milwaukee road home

*On March 30, there is no game for the Triple A team.

All games are scheduled for 1 p.m.

The other aspect of minor league games to remember is that, at least until March 27, there are occasional major league players who play in the minor league games to get extra work in. The rules are often lax in these games as well, allowing a player for instance to lead off every inning to get as many plate appearances in as needed (Russell Martin did this last year, for instance).

Just today, Ted Lilly stayed back at Camelback Ranch to pitch against Class A minor leaguers from the Rangers, while Jay Gibbons and Jamey Carroll played against Texas minor leaguers in Surprise.