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Kuroda, Dodgers Face Old Friend Randy Wolf

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Hiroki Kuroda had a good run.
Hiroki Kuroda had a good run.

The Dodgers return to Camelback Ranch today to face the Brewers and old friend Randy Wolf. Also returning to Camelback Ranch is Vin Scully, who will call today's game on KCAL. Hiroki Kuroda gets the start for the Dodgers, making his fourth Cactus League start. Kuroda in his last start pitched six innings, the longest outing by any Dodger starting pitcher this spring.

Also scheduled to pitch for the Dodgers are Travis Schlichting, Scott Elbert, and Lance Cormier.

For the Brewers, the pitchers following Wolf will be Zach Braddock, Justin James, and Mike McClendon.

The Dodgers have a number of minor leaguers suiting up for today's game. Catcher Keyter Collado (wearing uniform number 87), outfielder Brad Coon (89), infielders Christian Lara (90) and Travis Denker (93), and pitchers Wilkin De La Rosa (67), Juan Rincon (91), and Jimmy Marshall (92).

Can You Spell Padilla Without DL?

It has been widely assumed that Vicente Padilla would open the season on the disabled list, after recovering from arm surgery he had on February 24. However, when Don Mattingly was asked about Padilla starting the season on the DL, the manager was noncommittal. 

"It's still up in the air, it's one of those things. He's progressing nicely," Mattingly said. "The fact that he hasn't been out there, it's tough to say on the 31st whether he'd be comfortable enough to pitch."

If the Dodgers do place Padilla on the disabled list, the earliest possible date he could return would be April 5, though that seems ambitious at this point. At the very least, it sounds like Padilla could possibly return earlier than his original May 1 target date.


Brewers   Dodgers
2B Weeks
SS Furcal
3B Counsell
CF Gwynn
SS Betancourt     
2B Uribe             
1B Almonte
LF Thames
RF Reed
CF Dickerson
RF Paul
LF Boggs
C Barajas
C Nieves
3B Miles
P Wolf
P Kuroda

Both Rafael Furcal and Juan Uribe will only play a few innings today, and likely sit out tomorrow. They are getting rest in anticipation of a busy week ahead for the Dodgers, who have split squad days on Monday and Friday this upcoming week.

Gimenez is playing his ninth game at first base this spring, and making his sixth start at the position.


Game Time: 1:05 p.m. PST


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