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West Hills Little Leaguers doing their part to fight Cancer


On March 12th the Daily News ran a front page article in the sports section about a boy who was doing what he could to raise money for the City of Hope via his bat.  The cool part is that two of these fourth graders, the boy in the middle, and the one to the left are being taught by my wife at  Woodlake Elementary School.

These boys have taken this simple concept and created a program appropriately  called Love of the Game.

For more information on getting involved in Love of the Game, go to the nonprofit organization's website,

Readers of TBLA should be able to relate to that name, no matter our differences we all ended up at TBLA because of our "love of the game".

Many of us talk the talk but these kids are walking the talk, and my hat is off to them. The fight against cancer has been waged for an eternity with just about everyone having experienced the damage cancer does to those it attacks, and to those in the proximity of it's blast. I have no idea if things are better or worse, but what I do know is that as long as children can still feel empathy for others, we are winning.