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Ely Roughed Up In Final Spring Start; Faith In DeJesus Wanes Slightly

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If today was the final spring audition for the April fifth starter spot, let's just say today's performances wouldn't warrant a callback. However, luckily for Tim Redding and John Ely, today wasn't the only entry on the curriculum vitae for each hurler. Redding allowed three runs in his three innings today before leaving with a back injury, and tonight John Ely was knocked around the Peoria Sports Complex as the Dodgers lost to the Mariners, 6-0.

Ely allowed six runs in his four innings of work tonight, allowing a home run to Matt Tuiasosopo. But that wasn't the only hard hit ball off Ely. The Mariners' announcing team of Dave Sims and old friend Ken Levine commented throughout the broadcast how hard Ely was getting hit, which sounds an awful lot like the second-half Ely from last season. Ely entered the game with no walks and 15 strikeouts this spring, but walked his first two men of the spring tonight.

The good news is that the bullpen trio of Hong-Chih Kuo, Blake Hawksworth, and Kenley Jansen combined to retire all 12 Mariners they faced, two by strikeout. Trayvon Robinson was at the game tonight and tweeted that Jansen, who threw two innings, was "throwing jet fuel."

Second Coming Of DeJesus Story

Earlier tonight, Tony Jackson of ESPN LA reported that Ivan DeJesus had essentially made the team:

Barring an injury, infielder Ivan DeJesus has made the club and will be in the big leagues until Blake returns from back injury, a team source said on the condition of anonymity

However, later tonight that story was edited with a slightly different passage (hat tip to Silverwidow for noticing):

Barring an injury, infielder Ivan DeJesus looks like a strong bet to make the club and remain in the big leagues until Blake returns from a back injury.

Up Next

Tomorrow afternoon, the Dodgers play in Peoria again, this time against the Padres. It is their final road game of the Cactus League, and Clayton Kershaw will make his final tuneup for his opening day tilt. Kershaw is expected to throw in the neighborhood of 60 pitches tomorrow.

Mat Latos was scheduled to pitch opening day for San Diego, but a sore right shoulder has cost him that chance. He will miss his scheduled Saturday start as well, and will likely be replaced tomorrow by Dustin Moseley, per Dan Hayes of the North County Times. Tim Stauffer will now start on opening day for the Padres.

Tonight's Box Score