Phil Gurnee rides mayhem roster to victory in the True Blue LA 25 Man Opening Day Dodger Roster Contest

The final roster is in, and the winner of the True Blue LA 25 Roster contest is True Blue writer/moderator/prognosticator supreme Phil Gurnee, who took the Mayhem roster to a level no one else dared to go.

TBLA Member Total Points Five Point Players Ten Point Players
Phil Gurnee
47 Miles, Gimenez, Paul, Jansen, Cormier
Little Blue Bicycle
42 Paul, Jansen, Ellis
LA Taco
41 Paul , Jansen, Ellis
David Young
40 Miles,Paul, Jansen,Cormier, Ellis

His team name was Mayhem, and it took mayhem (five DL players) for his plan to win out but not just mayhem, some picks (Gimenez, DeJesus) that more knowledgeble moderators might have mocked once or twice this spring. Injuries to Blake, Garland, and Navarro opened up spots, but Phil went with DeJesus not Castro, Gimenez not Ellis, and a four man rotation for opening day. Several members picked a ride on the Redding and while they are correct in that he will be the fifth starter, the contest was not about who would be on the roster come April 10th, but March 31st.

Little Blue Bicycle and LA Taco made a late run with the addition of Ellis for the injured Gibbons and put some pressure on but fell short. David Young nailed five, five point players but missed on DeJesus.

DeJesus was the key to being in the hunt but it was fittingly Hector Gimenez who put Phil on top, and given how Phil had to fight for his voice to be heard regarding Gimenez, it was only fitting.

No one guessed MacDougal which for a five point guy was a bit of surprise.

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