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James Loney Could Be Back By Wednesday

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Chad Billingsley makes his second start of the spring today as the Dodgers battle the Cubs at HoHoKam Stadium in Mesa. The Cubs have split their squad today, and the Dodgers won't see old friends Blake DeWitt and Kyle Smit, as both will be in Goodyear to play the Reds.

James Loney is out today and tomorrow with what has been termed "non-painful swelling" in his left knee. The Dodgers say that if the swelling in Loney's knee subsides, he could run by Tuesday, and play on Wednesday.

Playing Time

It's early in the spring, and so far manager Don Mattingly has given rest to his regulars, having them on a playing time schedule that gives them an off day every other day or every third day, depending on which schedule each player is on. As a result, there has been a lot of playing time to go around. Here is a look at the leaders in spring innings played in the field (designated hitters don't count here):

Dodgers In The Field This Spring
Player Innings Positions
Mitchell 31 1B,3B
Sands 31 1B,LF,RF
Sellers 28 3B,SS,2B
DeJesus 27 2B,3B
Robinson 27 CF
Ethier 26 RF
Miles 26 3B,SS,2B
Carroll 25 SS,2B.3B
Kemp 25 CF
Ellis 24 C
Barajas 23 C
Gwynn 22 RF,CF,LF
Oeltjen 21 RF,CF
Paul 21 LF,RF
Gordon 20 SS
Loney 20 1B
Velez 18 2B,LF,CF
Blake 17 3B
Castro 17 SS,2B,3B
Furcal 17 SS
Kapler 17 LF,RF
Uribe 17 2B
Closser 16 1B
Navarro 16 C
Gimenez 10 C
Thames 4 LF

Today happens to be a day in which all the regulars have the day off, expect for Jay Gibbons, who is serving as designated hitter. Gibbons has yet to play in the field this spring. Damaso Espino and John Lindsey are the only other two position players in big league camp who have not played in the field; both have been DH only.

Ten position players from minor league camp have seen playing time in the field, none more than four innings, and another, Tony Delmonico, has seen time at DH.


Dodgers   Cubs

RF Fukudome     

LF Johnson

CF Byrd

3B Ramirez

1B LaHair

C Soto

2B Baker

SS Barney
SS Castro
P Dempster

Other Dodgers scheduled to pitch today are Javy Guerra, Ramon Troncoso, Luis Vasquez, and Carlos Monasterios.

Following Ryan Dempster on the mound for the Cubs will be Thomas Diamond, Carlos Marmol, Marcos Mateo, and Jeff Stevens.

Minor leaguers in uniform for the Dodgers today are infielder Rafael Ynoa (#89), outfielders Elian Herrera (#90) and Joc Pederson (#87), and pitchers Alberto Bastardo (#91), David Pfeiffer (#92), and Juan Rincon (#91).


Game Time: 12:05 p.m. PST

TV: WGN (Cubs' broadcast)

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