Have a nice Dre? CBR Review

We went to Dodgers Spring Training this weekend! A 9 hour trip from my house. This was my second annual trek. This year my family came with me. We had tickets for the Giants Friday night game and the Reds Saturday afternoon game. We also arrived earlier enough on Friday to see workouts starting at 4PM and also made it to the Saturday morning workouts. CBR is an awesome experience. If you haven't gone, or are "thinking" about it! Just go.

After visiting Camelback Ranch last year on my own, I knew I needed reinforcements this year when it came to battling the masses for autographs. Being cool, patient and polite does not work when waiting for a few coveted signatures. I decided to bring my wife and daughter to see if some cuter female faces would help me secure some signatures on baseballs, hats and cards. IT WORKED! Together we had a team working together to plead with kinder Dodgers to stop and sign.

Special thanks to Jansen, Garland, Ely, Gwynn, Carroll, Billingsly, and Sands for stopping to sign. AND on Saturday Steve Sax was signing his book and also signed a baseball for me! Nice. Very Dodger-fulfilling. The Friday night game against the Giants was unfulfilling because we were seated by way too many Giants fans with big heads and inflated egos. Kind of like a field of Brian Wilsons. There was also a chick with a sign that read "SF looooves the McCourts." Giants fans are disgusting. So, the fireworks were nice at the end.

The sweetest moments of the entire weekend was watching Clayton pitch four scoreless innings from row 6 behind the plate. That made it all worthwhile.

Why did I entitle this "Have a nice Dre?" On Friday afternoon, all of us True Blue fans were watching practice and waiting for another chance to get an autograph. Ethier begins signing and going down the line. There was a little boy- about 3-4 years old waiting patiently with his parents to get an autograph. Just as Ethier gets close, he decides he's given out enough free ink scribbles and heads down the trail. The little boy starts crying. His mom tries to console him but he exclaims, "I don't even like the Dodgers anymore!" We all felt so bad, I was even looking through my pockets to see if I had an Ethier card to give him. Oh well, I guess we can't all leave Spring Training happy. I sure did! No tears for me. Not at least until the end of the season.

I'll be back next year for my 3rd Annual CBR tour! Go Dodgers! See you on Opening Day!

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