#8 - Clayton Kershaw

Clayton deserved a better card than this for his big rookie card. What a boring design. This is the Blue refractor edition, numbered to 150. Hard to imagine that he looks so young in the picture since he still is so young. Even in a spring game the Dodgers did not give him a really high number because they knew he was coming soon. I only hope that if I make this list again in 20 years it moves up to number one.



So this card is obviously cool. I got this card because... It is Kershaw. I like USA. It has an autograph. It is numbered. It is a PSA 10. Other than that, I have no idea what this card is about. I never found on the interwebs anything about a tournament he would have played in, or any other games played with the Junior National Team. If you have info, please share.

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