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Juan Uribe Is Slumping, Yes, But That's Par For The Course

Juan Uribe has not had the best of starts with the Dodgers. So far, he has just three hits in 27 at-bats, and is hitting .111/.172/.148. It's not quite J.D. Drew, who started his Dodger career 0-for-25 (with three walks!) in 2005, but it's close. However, slumping is nothing new for Uribe, nor is it unique to him. Since Uribe has just three hits, I wanted to look back to last year to see his worst stretches with three hits when he was with the Giants.

Here are Uribe's worst dry spells of 2010:

  • 3 for 41, with a double, from June 26 to July 16
  • 3 for 28, from August 14 to August 24
  • 3 for 26, with a double and a home run, from May 1 to May 8
  • 3 for 24, from September 15 to September 22
  • 3 for 24, with two doubles and a home run, from June 15 to June 23
  • 3 for 23, from August 25 to September 4
  • 3 for 23, with a double and a home run, from September 23 to September 30
  • 3 for 20, from May 31 to June 6

That seems like a lot of famine, which is understandable for someone who had a .310 on-base percentage. However, there was a lot of feasting as well. Uribe did hit 24 home runs and 24 doubles, and hit .248/.310/.440 on the season. Coupled with his defensive versatility -- he is an above average defender by multiple metrics at second base, third base, and shortstop -- makes Uribe a valuable player.

Yes, his swing is ugly and he looks off balance at the plate. Yes he is overpaid for his likely production. But Juan Uribe will be a good player this season, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Nobody ever said is was going to be pretty.