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Lincecum Will Be Tough, But Billingsley Has Had Success In San Francisco

The Dodgers will try to beat the Giants for the fifth time in six meetings tonight, but they face a tough task. Tim Lincecum starts for the Giants and it's no stretch or even news to say that facing a two-time Cy Young Award winner is a tough foe. His numbers against the Dodgers (5-2, 3.07 ERA in 11 games) are pretty much in line with his numbers against everybody (57-28, 3.00 ERA in his career), but he has been especially tough against the Dodgers at AT&T Park.

The Dodgers have scored more than three runs three times in 11 games against Lincecum, but all three of those games were at Dodger Stadium. Here are Lincecum's starts against the Dodgers in San Francisco:

Tim Lincecum Home Starts Against Dodgers
Date Score IP H R BB K
7/30/10 SF 6-5 7.0 7 2 2 9
8/12/09 SF 4-2 8.2 4 2 1 7
4/29/09 SF 9-4 7.0 6 3 3 8
9/28/08 SF 3-1 7.0 4 1 2 13
Totals: 3-0, 2.43 ERA 29.2 21 8 8 37

The only game in which Lincecum didn't pick up the win himself was that August 2009 game, a day game in which the Dodgers questionably tied the game in the ninth inning, but the Giants won on a walk-off home run by...Juan Uribe.

However, the Dodgers counter with Chad Billingsley, who has also pitched very well in his outings in San Francisco. In eight career starts at AT&T Park, Billingsley has never given up more than three runs, and has a 2.20 ERA. Just last year, Billingsley allowed three runs in 19 2/3 innings in three starts up north, but the Dodgers lost two of those three games. The Dodgers scored a total of six runs in those three games.


  • Billingsley has owned Pablo Sandoval (.167/.219/.200 in 32 PA) and Freddy Sanchez (.192/.300/.192 in 30 PA)
  • Aaron Rowand (.350/.423/.550, one home run in 26 PA) and Miguel Tejada (.350/.409/.550, one homer in 22 PA) have had success against Billingsley
  • Andre Ethier has had success against Lincecum, with two home runs and a double in 33 PA, hitting .276/.364/.517. Rafael Furcal had an .868 OPS in 30 PA against Lincecum, further highlighting the absence of the Dodger shortstop and leadoff hitter
  • Lincecum has owned James Loney (.167/.219/.233 in 32 PA), Matt Kemp (.143/.280/.143 in 25 PA), and Casey Blake (.154/.267/.231 in 16 PA)

Game Time: 7:15 p.m.


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