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Dodger Security Day

At 4:00 Sixteen Hundred Hours today the Dodgers will hold a press conference in parking lot G to discuss the additional security measures in place at Dodger Stadium for the coming home stand.

So far the Dodgers have removed 1/2 price beer from the 1/2 price business man dates.

Half-price alcoholic beverages are no longer part of the Dodgers' Half Price Food & Drink Promotion, set to begin with the game against the Atlanta Braves on Thursday, April 21, the team announced today.

Hired former LA Police Chief Bratton:

The Los Angeles Dodgers hired Kroll Chairman and former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton to assess policies and procedures related to security and fan services at Dodger Stadium.

Threatened season ticket holders with the loss of their seats if they misbehave.

Given that we can't change the culture of Los Angeles, can we change the behavior of the crowd or are a few bad apples ruining it for everyone?

For those who go to more then one game a year, what would you do, or do you even think they need to do anything?

I, for one, would like to see a more proactive approach by the ushers by outfitting them with wireless communication to notify security when they see actions that might get out of control. Instead of simply heading to the top of the stairs and talk with other ushers, have them do their job which is making sure everyone is having as good a time as they can. Interact with the fans, let them know your watching.

I don't want to see ushers getting into confrontations with fans - let security do that - having one low level security person for every couple of sections might provide enough coverage for keeping things in check before they get out of control. For ejections, they should have an ejection squad ready on call at each level.