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Dodgers Still Have A Game To Play Tonight

While MLB is busy measuring for new carpet and drapes at Dodger Stadium (remember kids, always make sure the carpet matches the drapes), and looking for just the right place to hang its vintage poster of Robin Yount on a Harley, the Dodgers actually have a game to play. On the field. At Dodger Stadium. Against the Braves.

Jon Garland starts for the Dodgers, making his 2011 debut after John Ely filled in for two st...(what? Garland pitched last Friday? The five runs and nine hits, including two home runs, in four innings against St. Louis wasn't Ely?)...I mean, Garland looks to rebound from a poor start on Friday.

Old friend Derek Lowe starts for the Braves. Lowe has been really good this year, with a 1.82 ERA. But he is 2-2 because Atlanta has scored six runs total in his four starts. The Braves have scored two runs in 13 1/3 innings off Dodger starting pitching in the first two games of this series.


Braves   Dodgers
LF Prado
SS Carroll
RF Heyward
3B Blake
3B Jones
RF Ethier
C McCann
CF Kemp
2B Uggla
2B Uribe
1B Freeman
1B Loney
SS Gonzalez
LF Sands
CF McLouth

P Garland         


Game Time: 7:10 p.m.

TV: Prime Ticket

MLB Gameday