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Reaction to the MLB Dodgers

While TBLA tries to do as good a job as possible on keeping you up to date on everything related to the Dodgers, sometimes it is a good idea to see what others are saying as we enter a unique world in which the fate of our franchise lies in the hands of Major League Baseball.

Los Angeles Dodger Thoughts Blog - ESPN Los Angeles

Jon Weisman doesn't have any more insight into what is going to happen in the future then the rest of us, he simply does a good job of letting us know where we are and how we got there.

Dodgers: Frank McCourt, Fox, Time Warner Cable and a $30-million loan -
Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, who received a $30-million loan from Fox, told Fox representatives that its rival Time Warner Cable was ready to assist him with his financial needs. The print media still has the greatest access to information and this latest news that Frank was playing Time Warner and Fox against each other is why sometimes you can't count out the source that has the greatest resources.

Selig vs. Dodgers' McCourt is 29 against one - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
The commissioner has the backing of other owners in his move to wrest control of the Dodgers from Frank McCourt. - Major League Baseball news. This report goes into more detail as to why Bud had to act.

Dodger Divorce always gives a useful view

MLB’s takeover of the Dodgers could imperil baseball’s antitrust exemption | HardballTalk
Yesterday I noted that Major League Baseball may be wary of a fight with Frank McCourt because it has a lot of rules with respect to club ownership that exist simply because owners agree to them and that, if challenged, there are likely several that wouldn't hold up in court.

Dodgers exec Steve Soboroff blasts MLB takeover, defends Frank McCourt -
As Frank McCourt 's new right-hand man launched a verbal assault on Commissioner Bud Selig's decision to take over the Dodgers, the battle lines for the likely legal showdown between the Dodgers owner and the commissioner became increasingly clear.