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4/22/11 Minor League Report : Gould in them thar Loons

AAA and AA both lose 7 - 2, both A league teams lose 5 - 4, not one of the better nights for the system.

Minor League Player of the Day – Garrett Gould hurled his 3rd straight solid outing this spring, giving up one run in six innings. Gould has now given up only one run in each of his three starts. Austin Gallagher gets a tip of the hat, you can read about his exploits below.

AAA – Isotopes fall 7 - 2, Redding got rocked, Hoffman hit a home run, Trayvon Robinson had two more hits, Travyon now has a 1.133 OPS in his last 10 games. Only his 30% K rate is keeping me from getting all goo goo eyed. 

AA –Lookouts lose 7 - 2, Kyle Russell hit his 2nd home run of the year and Scott Van Slyke continued his torrid stretch with two more doubles. Van Slyke is 10 for his last 19 with five doubles.

HiA –Rancho loses 5 - 4, Matt MaGill gave up 10 baserunners in five innings but only two runs. Robert Romero gave up the game with three runs in the 9th. Late Night hit a home run,  Austin Gallagher picked up two more hits including a home run, and has had two or more hits in six straight games, 14 for 24 with only one strikeout. Gallagher is the hottest hitter in the organization if not all of the minor leagues. His average is currently at .445 good for 2nd in the league, fifth in OPS (1.155), and fourth in OBA (.484). That is some good work.

LoA – Loons also lose 5 - 4 as Montgomery gives up three in relief of Gould. Landry, Akins, and Coyle all had two hits. 

Albuquerque Isotopes Box Score (AAA)

Chattanooga Lookouts Box Score (AA)

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Box Score (HiA)

Great Lakes Loons Box Score (LoA)