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Mitchell Migrates To Majors

The Dodger infield injury merry go round continues as Casey Blake hits the DL with Russell Mitchell taking his spot. So far the Dodgers infield has seen Blake, Furcal, and now Blake again hit the DL, while Uribe missed some key games earlier this week.

Blake isn't sure how he suffered the injury that led to the infection, but it sent him to the hospital in Miami earlier this week for IV antibiotics. A culture was taken to determine the type of infection and course of treatment, but the Dodgers expect him to be sidelined a while.

This will be Russell Mitchell's second trip to the show; he had a Sept call up in 2010 which didn't go very well. Earlier this spring I wrote up the community projection profile for Russell Mitchell.

I doubt if Russ Mitchell will ever be a full time major league baseball player but I can certainly see a future where he plays for 5-6 years on a semi regular basis providing flexibility on the bench, and decent hitting prowess against LHP. Maybe a light version of Kevin Millar or a late blooming Casey Blake. That would be his ceiling, his floor is utter and complete failure to hit major league pitching, handle third base well enough to ever see time there,  and not be in the teams future whatsoever.

Nothing has changed from then other then the slow start he had this spring. Over this last ten games he has a .868 OPS with three home runs.