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Matt Kemp & Andre Ethier Have Been The Dodgers Offense So Far This Season

It's fair to say that the Dodger offense so far this season has been almost entirely Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. Together they have combined to hit .374/.449/.592, while the rest of the position players on the team have hit just .242/.298/.350. There have only been four games this season, out of 27, that neither Kemp nor Ethier scored or drove in a run.

The two have also started every game this season. In fact, both Kemp and Ethier have each missed just three innings in the field all season. Kemp and Ethier are one just three teammates in MLB this season to combine for a 1.000 OPS:

Top Duos This Season
StL 191 15 11 0 42 38 .400/.482/.691 1.173 3.6
Braun/Fielder Mil 222 10 15 3 40 48 .349/.441/.661 1.103 3.0
Kemp/Ethier LA 234 18 9 8 34 35 .374/.449/.592 1.041 3.0
A-Rod/Cano NYY 185 14 13 1 33 39 .307/.368/.632 .999 2.3

Ethier (38) and Kemp (37) are also close to the club record for hits in April, with one game remaining tonight. Mike Piazza in 1996 and Rafael Furcal in 2008 share the Dodgers record with 40 hits in April. According to Stats LLC, the last pair of Dodgers to each get 40 hits in a month were Steve Sax and Pedro Guerrero in August 1982.