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Have Six Games Changed Your Thoughts On The 2011 Dodgers?

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After one week of play, the Dodgers have played six games. There has been some good and some bad, and they are 3-3. There hasn't been a whole lot to get excited nor worried about one way or another. It's easy to say the Dodgers' offense so far has essentially been whatever the Giants' defense gave away, but that seems too simplistic, and a bit of a selective memory. Sure, the Dodgers have received some breaks, but again, we are talking about six games.

The Dodgers are hitting .242/.299/.351 so far, and are averaging three runs per game. If they continue that pace, then yes they will be in trouble. Call me crazy, but I think they will do better than that, and nothing over the first six games has precluded me from thinking so.

Anyway, at some point last year SB Nation introduced fan confidence polls. If you have already used them, great. If not, it is essentially a weekly gauge of your confidence in the team, on a 0-100 scale. The poll, included at the bottom of this post, is also located at the top left of the main page as well. My question to you is two fold: how confident are you in the Dodgers, and has anything over the first week changed your confidence in the team?

Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

Random Thoughts

In almost all cases, the only possible days off for a major league baseball team are either Monday or Thursday. The Dodgers happen to have both days off this week, quite the rarity. The Dodgers have 15 of the next 22 Thursdays off, beginning today. The schedule is a little weird in that regard this season, as the Dodgers have just three Monday off days all season. Last year, the Dodgers had 12 Mondays off and five Thursdays off, plus a Tuesday off day in between their first and second games of the season.

With the likely recall of John Ely for Sunday's start, the Dodgers will have to send somebody down to make room for Ely on the active roster. The logical move would be one of the backup catchers, as the Dodgers will likely want to keep seven relievers. A.J. Ellis has an option remaining, so he is the likely candidate to head back to Albuquerque, unless the team has somehow soured on Hector Gimenez after eight games.

If the Dodgers determine after Sunday that Jon Garland is ready to return after just one rehab start, they could also gain an extra player for four games by optioning Ely back to Triple A after Sunday's start. They could either call up an eighth relief pitcher (Ramon Troncoso, Travis Schlichting, Scott Elbert?), or perhaps an extra bat (Russ Mitchell or Jamie Hoffmann perhaps?) to hang around until Garland is activated on Friday.