#6 - Steve Garvey


So why is this card #6 on my list? It is all about the chase for the PSA 9. I know i will not be able to afford a PSA 9 of his rookie card anytime soon with those sensitive black borders on the 1971's. So here you have the next best thing. the 1972 is a high number edition as you see with #686. Topps used to roll out the cards as the season went along in different series, and I think this was the last of the 6 series. Since it was the last series, and it comes out late in the season, they do not produce as many, and the cards are a bit harder to find. For example, in 2011, Topps will have 2 series, and a traded/update set later. Series 2 comes out in June.

I had a PSA 8 card forever and I always wanted a 9. I held that 8 for almost 5 years, and when card prices tumbled a couple years ago, cards that used to sell for 3-400 were now available around 200. That is when I jumped in, and have this great card. Although the card is quite ugly in design, it has a great picture of Steve, and the stripe on the sleeve is visible. I love that blue stripe on the uniform.

What stadium do we think that is? Riverfront?

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