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Jamie McCourt Wants Immediate Sale Of Dodgers, But Is Time Running Out?

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In court filings today in Los Angeles, Jamie McCourt asked Judge Scott Gordon to force a sale of the Dodgers immediately. Bill Shaikin has the details:

"MLB is under no obligation to maximize the proceeds of such a sale," the filing says. Jamie McCourt specifically asks for a sale of "the Dodger assets," including the team and its media rights, Dodger Stadium and the surrounding parking lots. Under McCourt management, the team, the stadium and the parking lots are separate entities, and Frank McCourt has not ruled out the possibility of selling the team but keeping the stadium and/or the land.

Molly Knight as ESPN added this:

Sources close to Jamie McCourt told ESPN The Magazine's Molly Knight that Jamie has been alarmed by the prospect of her ex-husband draining equity out of the Dodgers as he digs in to fight MLB from taking over the club. California community property law states that the designated control person of a shared asset has a duty to the non-controlling party to protect the asset from diminishing substantially in value. Jamie's lawyers are expected to argue that Frank's ownership is seriously harming the value of the Dodgers -- and with it, Jamie's potential take when the team is sold.

Judge Gordon set a hearing date of June 22 on this matter, but considering all the reports have Frank not being able to make payroll on May 31, it seems too late. Shaikin also reported that Judge Gordon would work with both sides (Frank & Jamie) toward a settlement as well. The court battles go on...