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Rubby Tuesday? There's No Time To Lose, I Heard Ned Say

Remember when we all got excited on Saturday when Rubby De La Rosa was pulled from his start with Double A Chattanooga after just two innings? Then, it turned out it was just a planned shortened start to limit his innings? Well, ratchet up those excitement meters again, as the Dodger bullpen just might add a gem very soon, per Ken Gurnick of

Rubby De La Rosa, the organization's top pitching prospect, is expected to be promoted to the Dodgers this week as a reliever because of the club's bullpen crisis.

De La Rosa was scheduled to make another one of those reduced-innings starts on Thursday, but the Dodgers need him now. Relievers Jonathan Broxton, Hong-Chih Kuo, Vicente Padilla and Blake Hawksworth are on the disabled list, and the Dodgers have no proven closer among their current relievers.

There is obviously concern with bringing up the club's top starting pitching prospect to not start games, especially as it concerns his development going forward. But then again De La Rosa could wind up being an elite reliever. Gurnick brought up Pedro Martinez as an example of a pitcher who pitched out of the bullpen in 1993 then went on (elsewhere) to be a (great) starter, but even thinking more recently Chad Billingsley started the 2007 season pitching out of the bullpen until claiming a rotation spot for good in June.