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A Look at the 2011 MLB Draft - Part 1 (Previously Drafted Players)

SECAUCUS, NJ - JUNE 07:  MLB commissioner Bud Selig speaks during the MLB First Year Player Draft on June 7, 2010 held in Studio 42 at the MLB Network in Secaucus, New Jersey.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
SECAUCUS, NJ - JUNE 07: MLB commissioner Bud Selig speaks during the MLB First Year Player Draft on June 7, 2010 held in Studio 42 at the MLB Network in Secaucus, New Jersey. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
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The 2011 MLB draft starts on June 6th, so I'm going to be doing a 3 part series on potential players that the Dodgers may pick.  Part 1 will take a look at the players who had been previously selected by the Dodgers, but didn't sign and are again eligible for this year's draft.  Part 2 will focus on players in the 2011 draft who have famous bloodlines, something that the Dodgers have focused on in previous year.  And finally, Part 3 will look at potential 1st round picks for the Dodgers and will be posted right before the draft.

Today, we'll look at players that are eligible for the 2011 draft who already have ties to the Dodgers because they were drafted by the Dodgers in the past.  One example of this is 2010 7th round pick Ryan Christenson, who was drafted by the Dodgers twice before (in 2009 and in 2007).  I'm not saying that any of the below players are going to get drafted by the Dodgers this year, but it does make sense that each of these guys has a slightly higher chance of getting selected than your average player.

Also, it should be noted the Dodgers hold the 16th overall pick this year, their earliest selection since 2008.  Due to the supplemental/sandwich round in between the 1st and 2nd rounds the Dodgers 2nd pick is #73, and because of a Mariners' extra pick in round 3 the Dodgers pick 14th that round.  Then from rounds 4 - 50 the Dodgers have the 13th pick each round.

Previous Dodger Picks (Starting from their most recent pick)

2010 Picks

Jake Eliopoulos - LHP - 2010 15th round pick: Eliopoulos was also the 2nd round pick of the Blue Jays in 2009, but he seems to have dropped off of the draft radar as I can't find any information about him.  He sounded like a guy ready to sign last year, but he's had a bit of a troubled past so it makes me wonder if the Dodgers decided not to offer him a contract after all.  Therefore, I doubt the Dodgers draft him again.

Chad Arnold - RHP - 2010 18th round pick: Arnold elected not to sign with the Dodgers last year after posting a 3.74 ERA in 108.1 innings for Washington State as a Junior, and that might have been a mistake because in 2011 he is struggling with the Cougars.  Through 44 innings as a senior he has a 6.75 ERA in 44 innings with just 27 K's, so we'll see if the Dodgers take him with a late round pick this year.

Ben Carhart - 3B/P - 2010 19th round pick: Carhart was the Florida Junior College Player of the Year in 2010, batting .473 with 12 HR's and 72 RBIs.  He also threw in the low 90's off the mound, and had a 0.00 ERA in 15 innings.  According to Ben, "When [the Dodgers] called me right before they picked me and asked me if I'd sign, I said 'yes,'.  And they offered me $30,000 and wouldn't budge. And the more I talked to my coaches (at Stetson and Palm Beach), they asked me if it was worth it to throw away a college chance and an education for that. So, I changed my mind."  Carhart is now playing at Stetson and is a big reason why the team is ranked in the top 25 this year, although he has been limited to hitting because he's had some elbow pain in his one pitching appearance (and has already had Tommy John surgery).  I wouldn't be surprised if the Dodgers picked Carhart again this year, possibly in the top 15 rounds.

Brett Lee - LHP - 2010 33rd round pick: Lee was 4-8 with a 5.06 ERA and 1.49 WHIP in 19 games wtih St. Petersburg JC (Florida), with 25 walks and 75 strikeouts in 80 innings.  Apparently he is a lefty that throws in the mid 90's, so if that is true then I'm sure the Dodgers will pick him again if he they can get him in an attractive round.

Cal Vogelsang - 2B - 2010 37th round pick: Vogelsang hit .380 for College of the Canyons in 2010 with 11 homers and 35 RBI's, but declined to sign with the Dodgers and returned to COC in 2011.  This year, his numbers are down to .282 with 3 HR's and 25 RBI's so it's hard to image that he'll get picked any higher this year.

Logan Gallagher - SS - 2010 45th round pick: Gallagher had a solid season at Louisburg Junior College in 2010 (.388 average), but he was disappointed at being drafted so late so decided to try his luck at the University of Delaware.  He's had a very underwhelming season with the Blue Hens in 2011, however, with a .257 average through 21 games without a homer.

Cody Martin - 1B - 2010 47th round pick: Cody is Ethan Martin's brother, and is probably best known for throwing a pitch in a 2008 high school game that hit the umpire in the head when his catcher intentionally missed the pitch.  Martin attended Chipola JC in 2010, but I can't anything about where he played in 2011.

2009 Picks

Shawn Payne - 2B - 2009 29th round pick: Payne was drafted as a sophomore by the Dodgers in 2009 then was selected by the Royals in the 44th round of the 2010 draft, but he chose to return to college.  Now 21 years old, Payne is having a solid senior year at Georgia Southern (.321 average, 6 HR's, 27 SB's), so he might be worth a late round pick by the Dodgers.

Travis Burnside - OF - 2009 48th round pick - Burnside chose to attend Spartanbug Methodist Junior College instead of signing with the Dodgers, so he is eligible again for the draft this year.  He has decent speed and power, and hit .335 in 2011, so it wouldn't surprise me if he was selected again by the Dodgers this year.


2008 Picks

Chris Joyce - LHP - 2008 Dodger 10th round pick -Joyce is the highest drafted previous Dodger pick who is available for the 2011 draft.  Since 2008 Joyce has had an interesting path, initially going to UC Santa Barbara, then transferring to Central Arizona College, and finally transferring back near his hometown to Santa Barbara City College.  Back in 2008, here is part of Baseball America's scouting report of Joyce "His progress had been slowed by a recent muscle strain in his back, but before that his fastball sat in the 92 mph range. When he returned, Joyce was rusty and performed poorly in a start in front of about 30 scouts. His fastball touched 90 but sat at 88, and his mechanics and command were less than his best. Joyce's repertoire includes a hard slider, a curveball and a firm changeup. While at his best Joyce has "now" stuff, his 6-foot, 200-pound frame is mature and contains little projection."  In 2011 at SBCC Joyce did very well, posting a 1.54 ERA in 70 innings with 97 K's and a .162 batting average against.  He could definitely be a middle round selection by the Dodgers this year.

Daniel Coulombe - LHP - 2008 Dodgers 17th round pick - Similar to Joyce, Coulombe has bounced around since getting drafted by the Dodgers in 2008.  He started his college career at USC, then transfer to South Mountain Community College, and finally ended up at Texas Tech in 2011.  Coulombe isn't a big guy at 5'11", but back in high school he was getting fastball up to 90, and he has a plus curveball.  In 2011 with the Red Raiders Daniel made just 4 starts and had a 3.98 ERA with 28 K's in 20.1 innings.

David Rollins - LHP - 2008 Dodgers 19th round pick - Since getting drafted by the Dodgers Rollins has spent his time at San Jacinto Community College, red-shirting in 2009 and then playing in 2011.  He has been drafted in each of the past two years by the Seattle Mariners (23rd round in 2009 and 46th round in 2010), but he has declined to sign each time.  In 2011 at San Jacinto Rollins had a 2.99 ERA in 81.1 innings with 91 K's.  He's another smallish lefty, but the Dodgers might take a chance on him if he doesn't get scooped by the Mariners again.

Cody Weiss - RHP - 2008 26th round pick - Weiss was Dodgers pick after Jerry Sands, and went to La Salle University instead of signing with the Dodgers in 2008.  His career there has been less than stellar, however, as his ERA in 2011 is 6.43 through 56 innings with 47 strikeouts.

Andrew Darwin - OF - 2008 34th round pick - Darwin has played at a couple of different community colleges since getting drafted by the Dodgers.  He spent the 2011 season at Lamar Community College where he didn't play much at all, so I don't think he has a chance of getting drafted this year.

Adam Westmoreland - LHP - 2008 35th round pick - Westmoreland is a big lefty pitcher (6'5", 270 lbs) who has spent the last three seasons at the University of South Carolina.  His stats in 2011 were less than impressive (5.77 ERA in 34.1 innings and 26 K's), but his pitching frame should get him drafted somewhere in the middle rounds.

Will Clinard - RHP - 2008 37th round pick - Clinard had a strong commitment to Vanderbilt so he didn't sign with the Dodgers, and it was a good move as he's been solid as a relief pitcher for the Commodores.  In 2010 he had a 2.68 ERA in 43.2 innings, and so far in 2011 he has a 3.08 ERA with 30 K's in 26.1 innings.  In addition, Clinard is a big kid at 6'4" and 225 lbs.  The 2008 Baseball America report on his said that "he throws his fastball in the upper 80s and touches 90 mph, with a slider that has potential but is currently undeveloped."  He should be a middle round pick in this draft.

Matthew Murray - RHP - 2008 39th round pick - Murray struggled initially at Georgia Southern, but this year he has become the staff ace with a 1.99 ERA and 63 K's through 58.2 innings.  Rumor has it he can get his fastball up to 93 mph, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him picked in the middle rounds of the upcoming draft.

Jett Bandy - C - 2008 41st round pick - Bandy is a big kid (6'4", 212 lbs) and has attended the University of Arizona for the past three years.  He had an outstanding season in 2010 during which he was named as a semifinalist for the Johnny Bench Award, but in 2011 he was only hitting .265 through 49 games and didn't have a homer to his credit.  Even still he should get drafted relatively early (in the 8 - 15 round range), especially if the team drafting him believes he'll be able to say behind the plate in the big leagues.

Adam Moskowitz - 2B - 2008 42nd round pick - He should be eligible for the 2011 draft but I can't find anything about where he went to college.  He may not even be playing ball anymore.

Greg  Zebrack - OF - 2008 43rd round pick - Zebrack started his college career at USC, but transferred to the University of Pennsylvania in 2010.  During the 2011 season Zebrack was a big part of the Quakers team as he was named 1st team All Ivy league and leads his team with 7 homers through 39 games to go along with a .336 average.  He'll probably be a middle to late round pick in the 2011 draft.

Matthew Reed - LHP - 2008 44th round pick - Reed decided to attend the University of Southern Florida instead of signing with the Dodgers, and he was used pretty sparingly over his first two season there.  In 2011, however, he was one of the team's weekend starters and held his own with a 4.11 ERA though 65.2 innings.  The one thing about Reed is that he is an extreme contact pitcher, as he only has 21 strikeouts this season.  I'm not sure if he'll get drafted this year.

2007 Picks

Nathan Carter - SS - 2007 23rd round pick - Carter is a senior at Air Force and despite a solid baseball career he hasn't been drafted again because he is expected to persue a career in the military.

Taylor Cole - RHP - 2007 26th round pick - Cole was a highly ranked prospect in the 2007 draft, but fell to the 26th round and hasn't been drafted again because of his desire to attend BYU and perform his Morman Mission.  He's now back from his mission and has had a solid season for BYU through 85.2 innings (3.15 ERA,62 K's).  Back in 2007, the scouting report on Cole was that he was able to get his fastball up to 95 mph with a developing slider and changeup.  Still just 21 years old, he could be middle round pick of the Dodgers this year.

Nate Woods - OF - 2007 28th round pick - Woods has attended Belmont University for the past four years and I'm surprised he wasn't drafted last year after hitting 20 homers.  In 2011 the 6'6" Woods is again having a great season, hitting .365 through 52 games with 11 more homers.  Seems like a guy who is worth taking a chance on in the later rounds.

2006 Pick

Ryan Aguayo - INF - 2006 46th round pick - Not many players from the 2006 draft are still playing college ball, but Aguayo is the exception.  He's had back to back strong seasons at New Mexico State, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Dodgers took him as a late round pick.