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Everyday Tony Gwynn Jr.

Whether he starts or not, it's a good bet Tony Gwynn Jr. will play tonight.
Whether he starts or not, it's a good bet Tony Gwynn Jr. will play tonight.

The Dodgers have dealt with their share of injuries this year, with several players either on the disabled list or missing time here and there. As a result, here are the longest active consecutive games played streaks on the Dodgers:

Dodgers Longest Active Consecutive Games Played Streaks
Player Games
Matt Kemp (also longest in MLB) 255
James Loney 121
Tony Gwynn Jr. 20

That's right, Tony Gwynn Jr. has played in each of the last 20 games, despite just getting three starts during that span. The vast majority of his games have been entering the game late as a defensive replacement in left field. During that 20-game stretch, Gwynn has 22 plate appearances (he's 1-for-21 with a double and a walk).

On the season, Gwynn has played in 45 of 51 games, including 31 games off the bench. There have only been seven LA Dodgers to play more games as a sub in the first 51 games of the season than Gwynn this year:

Most Games Off The Bench
By An LA Dodger, First 51 Games
Player Year Games
John Hale 1977 39
Stan Javier 1992 36
Mitch Webster 1994 34
Mark Sweeney 2008 34
Milt Thompson 1996 32
Tim Harkness 1962 32
Dave Hansen 1999 32
Tony Gwynn Jr (tied w/3 others) 2011 31

Hale is not just known for his 4-for-4 season of 1974, having also filled in quite a bit for Dusty Baker and Reggie Smith in the outfield corners in 1977. Gwynn is on pace this year to appear in 98 games off the bench, which would break the LA Dodger record, held by Mark Sweeney and Stan Javier. There have only been 10 LA Dodgers to appear in over half the games in a season as a sub, including Gwynn's uncle:

Most Games Off The Bench
By An LA Dodger, Single Season
Player Year Games
Mark Sweeney 2008 94
Stan Javier 1991 94
Jose Gonzalez
1994 91
Ron Roenicke
1982 90
Dave Hansen 1999 88
Jason Grabowski          
2004 88
Tim Harkness 1962 87
Dave Hansen
1999 84
Chris Gwynn
2011 83
Mitch Webster 1990 82


Game Time: 7:10 p.m.

TV: Prime Ticket

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