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Elbows Sideline Ethier, Broxton

Andre Ethier is two games away from Willie Davis, and 10 games away from Willy Aybar.
Andre Ethier is two games away from Willie Davis, and 10 games away from Willy Aybar.

As Andre Ethier tries to extend his hitting streak to 30 games today, against Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs, I started thinking about hitting streaks. UPDATE: Ethier has been scratched, with a sore left elbow, per Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times. Elbow problems abound!

Ethier has exactly one hit in each of his last three games -- two infield singles, and a looper just over the outstretched glove of second baseman Darwin Barney last night -- and I wondered, what is the longest LA Dodger streak of getting exactly one hit in each game?

Willy Aybar leads the pack:

Longest LA Dodger Streak With Exactly One Hit
Player Year Games
Willy Aybar 2006 13
Cesar Izturis 2003 11
Rafael Furcal 2009 10
Cesar Izturis 2004 10
Adrian Beltre 2001 10
Duke Snider 1961 10

Ethier is 8-for-18 with a double and two walks against Zambrano in his career. Ted Lilly starts for the Dodgers. Both Lilly and Zambrano pitched in the series in Wrigley Field a week and a half ago, in separate games, and both pitched badly. Each pitcher allowed more runs than innings.

Broxton Shutdown

In the least surprising development of the day, Jonathan Broxton has been shut down with elbow pain, per Ken Gurnick of


Jay Gibbons and Russ Mitchell become the 19th and 20th Dodgers position players to start a game this season, in their 32nd game of the season.

Cubs   Dodgers
SS Castro LF Gwynn
2B Barney 2B Miles
CF Byrd RF Gibbons
3B Ramirez CF Kemp
RF Baker
SS Uribe
C Soto 1B Loney
LF Soriano C Navarro
1B Peña 3B Mitchell
P Zambrano         
P Lilly                  


Game Time: 12:10 p.m.

TV: Prime Ticket

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