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Dodgers / Mets Game III Chat

Getty Images

Game Time: 10:10 a.m.


Dodgers Mets
Carroll SS Reyes SS
Miles 2B Turner 2B
Ethier RF Wright 3B
Kemp CF Bay LF
Uribe 3B Paulino C
Loney 1B Davis 1B
Sands LF Hairston RF
Barajas C Pridie CF
Kershaw P Dickey P

Notes: (By Brandon):

- In honor of Mother's day, players will use pink bats, everyone will wear pink wristbands, and various players will wear pink shoes

- This is the second year in a row that Kershaw is pitching on Mother's Day. Last year on Mother's Day was when he out-dueled Ubaldo Jimenez

- The Dodgers have lost 5 straight at Citi Field, with their last win coming on July 9, 2009

- Now that Ethier's streak is over, we can finally focus on Loney's four game hit streak


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