#4 Gil Hodges & The Coliseum

This card right here is probably the most beautiful card I have ever seen.The profile of Gil is striking. The closeup look at the uniform is so cool. I like the style of the sleeves showing off the pipes. But let's get serious. The image of one of the most iconic images in Los Angeles is in the background. I love the Coliseum, and I have so many great childhood memories of being there. Of course they are all Raider related. The game at the Coliseum in 2008 was special for me, just to imagine what it was like to witness baseball there. If you wanted to pick one of these up for yourself, this card in this condition would cost around $50.


Since we are talking about 1959, Gil hit a pretty big homerun in the World Series. Topps commemorates that for us here.


And for more Coliseum porn for you, in 2008 in the Topps Heritage set, I have a good image in a Carl Erskine card for you here too.


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