The meaning of being a dodger fan

The world series is great. The idea of the Dodgers winning the World Series is what we all dream for. However in the midst of a season like this, full of divorces, muggings, fires, and worst of all a loosing record, its easy to loose sight of what the dodgers really mean to me. After hopeless games like against Colorado on Thursday when our ace was batted around and our pen collapsed or during the weeks when we let fifth starters pitch shutouts against our struggling offense it fairly simple to be disgusted with the Dodgers and wonder why I keep allegiance. However I keep coming back, night after night, 162 days of the year for ten or so years now. After Thursday I started to think of the reasons I keep coming back.

I realized that I dont live or die for the world series... I live and die for every game. that is the beauty of baseball, you might loose one day but you have 161 more chances to come back and win. I live for the Andre Ethier walk off or the Clayton Kershaw 13 strike out performances. I live for the memories... the Steve Finley grand slam in the ninth, Garciaparra's walkoff to capp off a four home run ninth. I have seen O dogs cycle, Paul LoDucas ( misspelled) season of greatness, and I remember when Brad Penny used to be good, or when Erik Gange had 81 saves in a row. That is why I watch Dodger baseball, because evey night can be great, every night can be a memory. Think blue and lets fuck up Ubaldo tonight..... Rubbymania?

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